Celebrating 200 years of Dexter!

June 20th to 23rd, 2024


In 1824, Judge Samuel W. Dexter purchased a large tract of land along Mill Creek that became what is now known as the City of Dexter. Originally named “Mill Creek Settlement”, the platting of the village in 1830 saw the official name change to the Village of Dexter. 184 years after its creation, the residents voted to officially become a city in November of 2014. Now in 2023, the City of Dexter awaits its next major milestone in 2024: 200 years!



Incredible Years


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Amazing Community

“As we look forward to celebrating our 200 year anniversary in June 2024, the City of Dexter appreciates all the volunteers, employees, individual residents and groups that are working hard to help us remember our history and our journey as a community.  My family is proud to call Dexter home and we hope you are as well.”

Mayor Shawn Keough








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